Come to Connecticut

I’ve been invited to share my thoughts on things
Me, a master of singularity and unpurchased rings
But what I have to offer is written in sand
I’m a boy, a man, a mixture of things I don’t quite yet understand
And yet I speak louder than some, much louder than most
But I fear prostheltizing and shy just short of boast
I forget more than I remember
And I cling to my summers well past September
And if I’m self fulfilling my prophecy
Then I’ll have to take more than partial responsibility
For allowing myself to posture and plead
For the things I know I think I need
When I’m quite sure I’m already in possession of all my tools
And should relinquish my captainship on this ship of fools
And I’ll avoid giving a life lesson
Aphoristic Metaphorical pseudo musings full of cognitive indigestion