Because I have a deadline

And its rising
Like a hot air balloon
Full of cold insecurity
An unchained melody
Sitting in a gasless car
And I'm paralyzed
And stuck inside myself

Like cement for blood
Like fog for breath
An unbeating heart
glued to the inside of my chest

Palpitated resurgencies
And unforgettable fears
Always rising
The fastest slowest march of madness
And a pressure on both sides of my chest

A violence of memory
And incomparable fear
Fed and starved
Watered and withheld
And all without my control
And all without control

Like a muscle that can't flex
And a tear that won't fall
A fall that won't arrive
An exhale stuck in transit

An inhallation
A kept inhallation

and killing
killing without force
and leaving me nowhere
without leaving me at all