Unmatched Freedom in Barbados

The pillars of the property stand before me as a brilliant white gate beckoning me to my ultimate relaxation. This gate subdivides the brilliant blue sky above and the lush greens around me. I am not at the foot of some garish opulence, but a structure that seems to harbor a secret, a private invitation.

I enter and am drawn forward by a color palette of whites, browns and soft grays that all feel instantly therapeutic. Yes the decor is minimal but its impact is maximal because while the whites relax me, it is clear a great degree of attention has been paid to everything. The archways pull me from room to room so I feel like I am floating into an elegantly constructed den of peace.

As I float I notice how appropriate the home feels for both a gathering of a dozen, or as a private respite. The home makes no commands of you.

And while the opportunities for activities before me are numerous; the workout room, the impeccable courts, Sandy Lane golf course just beyond the fence, it is the pool that demands the most attention. It is a significantly mellowing focal point for meals, lounging around or submerging myself in. It takes me from the edge of my awareness seemingly to the edge of Bermuda itself.

Every room requests my presence and whatever novel I have plucked from my nightstand. I meander amongst the 6 bedrooms, feeling the continuity but admiring the flourishes. The art that adds a new flavor at every turn.

Every chair, chaise and couch (inside or outside) provides a different vantage point. I meander, I sit, I drift off and return. I repeat the process.

I think tomorrow I will venture out. Maybe a day spent at Lime Grove Shopping Center, dinner at Tides (a restaurant that brings you as close as you can to dining by the sea), and then a cozy cocktail at Red Door. Perhaps a whole day spent at the Sandy Lane Hotel complete with spa treatments.

Or maybe I’ll contact the personal chef and have them recreate their favorites while I watch the sunset from the balcony, finishing my night with my own private film festival in the media room.

Somehow the decision making seems neither important nor imminent. All experiences are there if I choose them.

Casablanca invites me to experience and to create; laughter, memories and moments. It provides and sits back to watch me engage.

A vacation home can feel generic and somehow lacking in character. Casablanca defies all of that. It’s minimalism is it’s greatest strength allowing your life to unfold as it likes within the property.

This is Casablanca in Barbados. This is my blank canvas.

It’s time to start painting.