Side Effects

When I quit my job and started my own business working from home, I really didn't know what to expect. I wrote myself a little schedule of things to do and what I should be working on at what times, and I figured I would stick to that to get my work done.

Funny story... I am shockingly out of touch with myself.

I did however, manage to start doing some things on a more regular basis, things I had been thinking about doing for a while. At the same time though, some other unintended side effects of working from home took place. Let's start with the good things I started doing.

Cooking real meals for myself 

I have always wanted to do more cooking, but after spending nearly an hour on a train after being at work all day, my motivation to cook was pretty much nonexistent by the time I got home. And no matter how motivated I am, preparing a meal for one in a kitchen the same size as my bathtub is never easy.

Many nights I just made a piece of chicken with some frozen veggies. And even that took far longer than it should have.

But being home all day has given me the time to actually prepare real meals. I can defrost the chicken first instead of trying to cook it while still frozen. I can marinate things, I can test out new recipes, I can wash my dishes in the same week that I have used them.

Granted since I haven't done that much cooking for myself over the last oh... 5 years, I sometimes don't really understand how much food one person needs.

Like when making mashed potatoes, I now know that 5 pounds of mashed potatoes is more than one person can eat in a month. The sad part? It wasn't until I was actually serving myself the first scoop that it finally dawned on me that this just MIGHT be too many potatoes for me to finish on my own.

Lesson learned.

Drinking A LOT of tea

When I'm not working from home I find coffee shops that have free WiFi to serve as my base of operations. And since I am bootstrapping my business (and I don't drink coffee) I buy the least expensive thing on the menu which is usually a basic tea.

Some coffee shops are on to my kind and the WiFi password they give you is only good for two hours. So you either have to buy some more tea or find a new place to work.

When the place doesn't limit my WiFi time I try to keep purchasing something every other hour or so as not to appear like a mooch. I mean, I am a mooch, but I don't want to appear like one.

Thusly, I am now consuming tea in quantities unmatched throughout the course of my life. I hope this is improving my health in some as yet unseen way but I have a feeling the benefits are something I won't know until I'm like 80 and my doctor tells me the reason my eyebrows look so good is because of all that Rooiboos I drank while I was in my 20s.


And now for the side effects that may or may not be so good.

Talking to inanimate objects... more

I've always talked to inanimate objects. I think it's funny. Sometimes I do it to entertain my friends but I usually just do it because that's how I interact with my environment. Now that I am home, don't have coworkers, and see people much less than I used to... I have taken this casual pastime of mine to possibly unhealthy levels.

I have a stuffed pug who lives in my apartment with me. His name is Butch. My sister got him for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Usually Butch just sits in my living room next to my Christmas records. But I have started picking him and taking him to different rooms, talking to him throughout the day.

Good morning, how are you, are you hungry?

Things like that. I don't think he's really or anything obviously, but it entertains me. I think it's fine as long as he doesn't start responding.

Dressing more interestingly

I've always tried to dress well with varying levels of success. At some points in my life it's been more experiment than execution. Being at home though does not require me to dress up, or even dress. Really I don't even have to shower but we won't talk about that right now.

Now whenever I leave the house it comes to my attention that I haven't been seen in public for several days so I need to make some kind of impression. This has led to new outfit "choices." Sometimes when I leave my apartment I look like a college professor from Vermont. Sometimes I look like a corporate lumberjack. Sometimes I just look confused.

A decent amount of the time I get compliments on what I'm wearing. Which has led me to believe that it's not what you wear, just how you wear it. Confidence is everything.

Except of course when it comes to potatoes. Confidence will not help you eat 5 pounds of spuds.

Isn’t that right Butch?