Welcome to the Nonsense

Thank you for joining me in the latest chapter of "Things Rich swore he'd never do, but ends up doing anyway." Any of you who have spent more than 9 consecutive seconds with me know that I really have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with my life, but I frequently feel the need to tell people about it. As much as I detest the idea of blogging, it actually seems like the best way to go about what I want to do, which is write.

The goal is to create something insightful, mildly amusing, and full of wit and charm. If those don't work, I will revert to plan B. Seeing as I don't quite have a plan B yet, I will not share it with you.

Otherwise, I aim to publish something weekly, hopefully on Sunday nights so it can be the first thing you read on Monday morning (aside from your work emails of course.)

So enjoy it, and please leave feedback if you feel so inclined. (I don't know how to do that so you'll have to figure it out for yourself)

Ridiculously yours,