Boundary Breaking: Connection

We spend so much time self editing, applying filters, picking and choosing what we share that we lose the opportunity to really connect on a human level with anybody. Nothing we share online feels truly real.

This project is simple.

If you ever did Boundary Breaking in college at a retreat around a campfire, this is an updated version of that.

I've set up a beautiful little interview studio in my New York City apartment (you must be in or able to travel to New York City to participate). Those interested will come over for a filmed hour of questions and answers. There are 50 of them. The questions are about your life.

I cannot share them with you in advance as the goal is to allow people to answer in the moment and not simply repeat something they've prepared for. They are not designed to trick or embarrass you. There aren't any questions that are meant to make you look bad. They are simple straight forward questions to allow you to share part of you.

The final product will be a several versions of that interview that exists either online or in a gallery to be viewable by the general public.

The project will be edited, not to change what you've said, only to shorten the finished product. Hopefully in answering the questions it will give all of us a chance to explore some catharsis. For those watching the final product; it will hopefully allow a sense of connection in that we are not that much different than we imagine.

This isn't about how amazing or terrible life is. It is an honest examination of what makes us happy, sad, scared, smile, laugh, cry, snort, whatever.

All participants will be asked to sign a waiver allowing usage of them on film. The waiver is viewable here.

If you or somebody you know is interested in being a part of it, please hit up the link below to drop in some information and I will reach out to you/them/both to schedule an interview time. Thanks for reading.