In 2016, I will be producing 6 different works. At least 2 will be spoken word pieces, 2 will be short films, and one will be a staged reading of a full length play. I am looking for committed actors to take part in this year's projects. Everything except the play will be filmed and put online.

The pieces range in length, tone and genre.

Nearly all the pieces are viewable via the links below, simply click on the title to view it. If you are interested in the stage play, please contact me via the box below.

If you are interested in any of the pieces, please fill out the form and let me know which ones.

Stage Play

The Startup

When 3 friends are unceremoniously fired from a successful startup 3 months before acquisition rumors start, they vow to create a revenge startup to take down the man that screwed them and become millionaires in the process.

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