Richard is a writer, director, speaker and video producer living in New York City.  

His blog, Boehmcke's Human Condition has been visited in over 100 countries.

He has written, directed, and produced 4 original plays for the New York stage all of which have all sold out.

His twice weekly Vlog entitled "90 Second Love," provides 2-3 interesting articles, movies, etc. that are worth your time, delivered to you in only 90 seconds.

The completed 8 episode season of his scripted web series "Twentease" was released in Spring 2013.

Richard makes his bucks through his company Vibrant Motion through which he creates beautiful videos for successful creative brands.

He continues making videos, short films, podcasts, spoken word and other things he is still figuring out. He lives in New York with 1 stuffed pug and 1 cardboard pug.

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Photos courtesy of Kristin Sanders. Styling by Bryn Sanders